DI.PO. s.r.l. is a specialized service centre, leader in stainless steel discs supply.

End uses

Different types of stainless steel for different end uses.

tipi di acciaio per vari utilizzi

In this section we present the best type of stainless steel suitable for the various end uses in all the different sectors .Even if stainless steel has some intrinsic characteristics, such as resistance to corrosion and to machining, it may have different performances in some applications, depending on the type of alloy and machining.

In order to assure that the raw material allows velocity in manufacturing processes, cost control, product performance, DI.PO. as distribution centre, provides advice on the choice of the stainless steel type more suitable to the use, Our skilled technical staff are at our clients’ disposal to analyze their manufacturing needs and suggest the best technical solution.

acciaio Construction, architecture and naval

Construction, architecture and naval

Modern construction faces, as does all sectors, the challenge of sustainability and...

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acciaio Wine production

Wine production

It is one of our "Made in Italy" flagship sectors, where the protagonist metal is...

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acciaio Kitchen products

Kitchen products

The Province of Brescia and Verbano Cusio Ossola have a long and important tradition of...

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acciaio Professional kitchens and large installations

Professional kitchens and large installations

A constantly expanding sector that requires materials with excellent surface finishes and...

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acciaio Pumps and valves

Pumps and valves

Sector whose products require high performance metals.

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acciaio Furniture


Brushed or polished stainless steel panels are very frequently chosen in architecture.

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acciaio Electro-medical and sanitary products

Electro-medical and sanitary products

Materials and finishes ideal for electro-medical and sanitary products.

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acciaio Lighting


The highest resistance against corrosion of stainless steel makes it ideal in particular...

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acciaio Automotive


Automotive technology overall represents one of the best expressions of mechanical...

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